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Services That Are Catered To You

Our services are designed and are catered to the local communities of Stockport, ensuring that everybody has a safe and effective transport system.

Our aim is to provide accessible and affordable transport systems that meet the needs of the local community.

Below is a list of our main services that are provided to the local people of Stockport.

Contract Services – meeting specific needs, such as home-to-school journeys on behalf of Stockport, or a park-and-ride service.

Day Trips – offering accessible transport to local places of interest

Group Transport – helping social, community and voluntary groups hire minibuses at affordable rates

PlusBus – providing door-to-door transport for individuals who find it difficult to use other public transport

Shopping Bus – linking sheltered housing schemes directly with local shopping destinations, offering weekly trips

You can find out more about our local operations by contacting us here.

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