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Unique Ways to Explore the UK

Large Scale Transport The ETC Group specialises in shuttle bus hire and large coach for day trips. We unlike many other companies not only provide vehicle renting services but we also provide drivers. For a number of years we have worked with local companies that arrange group events and provide them with reliable and prompt transportation services. Our clients are made up of school who require multiple, large coaches to transport school children and social groups that frequently arrange day trips to city centres and seaside towns. For more on…

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Services That Are Catered To You

Our services are designed and are catered to the local communities of Stockport, ensuring that everybody has a safe and effective transport system. Our aim is to provide accessible and affordable transport systems that meet the needs of the local community. Below is a list of our main services that are provided to the local people of Stockport. Contract Services – meeting specific needs, such as home-to-school journeys on behalf of Stockport, or a park-and-ride service. Day Trips – offering accessible transport to local places of interest Group Transport –…

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